Bringing youInteresting and hard to find beerswithout the advertising

Now you can enjoy great beers,
without the games,
without the marketing.


There are many great beers in the UK. There are many awards that helps us find great beers. However, sometimes we are influenced by the marketing machines surrounding a new beer or brewery. This can work both for and against a beer. If our goal is to discover great beers that the UK has to offer then it would be great if we could separate the beer from the marketing.

This is why our new Mystery Beer series is here to help. Every month we will have a new beer that we will include in every order. You get to try the beer and lets us know what you think of it. At the end of the month we’ll let you all know who made the beer.

Every order with 12 bottles or more from the site will have a FREE bottle of our current Mystery Beer added to your order. Try it and let us know what you think .