About Us

First off, we love beer! Well, we wouldn’t be building a beer website if we didn’t, now would we? To be technically accurate we love what you can do with water, yeast and some grains — a freshly baked warm loaf is also magic.

I grew up in Germany and enjoyed some great beers, alt and kölsch being top of my list. When I moved back it was a stark contrast with what was available in Glasgow, and I started to yearn for something better. It wasn’t until I discovered Martin and James at BrewDog that I became hooked on their beer that was packed full of hops, and tasted of something more than cold, yeasty, sparkling water.

Since then I have been on a mission to stop people drinking cold fizzy stuff with no taste. Life is too short for bad beers. If you find yourself with a bad beer get a fresh one!

We have passed the responsibility of finding great beers for your office over to the great team at DeskBeers. However, we’ll continue to search for great beers that everyone should know about. If you think you’ve found that special beer and feel we should feature it please do get in touch.